This website is undergoing considerable technical challenges. It will be functional as soon as possible. I look forward to resuming the “Daily Upload” page. –Sally Mack, April 22, 2020


Mare Island former naval shipyard remains an active industrial site for repairing, welding, cleaning, refurbishing, and coating large steel components as well as all sorts of tubes and pipes. When I began photographing out there, I had no intention of continuing for years. But because it’s a worksite, things are moved in and out, interesting things to photograph. Although I started with the “Horizontals” series, I began seeing more photographic opportunities, branching out to “Rust” and, most recently “Holes.” With lots of stuff in between including ospreys who nest nearby. I photograph them, too, when I can.


Horizontals: Rusted” photos can be seen under Exhibits.  –Sally Mack, July 17, 2020