Photographs of the Guadalcanal Village Wetlands (2003)

The Faculty Club, UC Berkeley - November 1 - 30, 2003

The exhibit in 2003 at The Faculty Club on the UC Berkeley campus was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, an on-going 20+ year history of near-annual exhibits.

Many of the photos in this exhibit, I learned later, had been taken at Cullinan Ranch (CR) wetlands which is adjacent to Guadalcanal Village. They are separated by a dike. GV was actively being restored to wetlands overseen by the California Department of Transportation as mitigation for the destruction of nearby wetlands in road development. CR underwent massive “restoration” ten years later, the areas where I’d photographed were bulldozed by the National Wildlife Refuge. Many of the areas photographed in this exhibit are now underwater. –Sally Mack, Sept 12, 2021

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